How do I delete images?

Click the PHOTO > Click the "+" icon on the image you want to delete > Click "DELETE" in the top left corner

Click Photo > Zoom / Plus Icon > Delete to delete images  



Do I have to design the inside of my card?

No! If you just want a design on the outside of your greeting card, leave the insides blank and choose (4/0) Color Front / Empty Back as your Ink Color in the pricing tool at checkout. 



What type of images should I use?

Please use images saved as RGB images for best result. CMYK images can have some color shifts during rendering FULL COLOR FILES ONLY. NO BLACK AND WHITE. All black and white files will render as full color builds. There is no option for black ink only when using our online design tool. 

Image Specifications
Image Resolution Color Mode File Types
300 dpi   RGB     JPG, JPEG, PNG

If you are starting a design before creating an account please note that the pictures that you upload and use in your design will be saved to your design. Any pictures that are uploaded that are not used in the design are not saved because there is no account to save them to. Be sure to register an account when working on a design and save your design to your account (if you're in the design tool and want to save or login: Click SAVE > Name Your Design > Login or Create an Account and after you will be redirected back to your design).


What is the blue dotted line around the inside of my artboards?

This is the safety area. You want to ensure to keep all important text and images within this line to ensure nothing gets cut off while trimming.



How do I upload photos?

From My Device: Click PHOTO > At the top of the Choose photo window, click the UPLOAD button > Either drag and drop your image(s) or click on the box to search your device. Once your image(s) are uploaded, click DONE. You can find all your previously uploaded images under My Uploads > Recent uploads.


 From Facebook: Click PHOTO > Click "Connect to Facebook" > Login to your Facebook account > now you will have access to all your Facebook profile's photo albums



Where can I find my previously uploaded photos?

All previously uploaded files can be found by clicking PHOTO > My Uploads > Recent uploads.



What do I do if my picture is low resolution?3_low-res-images

You can shrink the image to try and make it smaller or find a higher resolution version of that image. If those options don't work, you will need to find a new image. If you use a low resolution photo, be aware that the image may print fuzzy/pixelated.


How do I add a text box?6_adding-text-box

Click TEXT > Click ADD EMPTY TEXT BOX button at the bottom > Enter your text into the white text box that says "Add text (optional)."
• Move a text box around by clicking and holding the 4 arrow icon while dragging.
• Rotate a text box by clicking and holding the rotate arrow while moving your mouse.
• Change the width of a text box by clicking and holding either side of the text box and moving it outwards.





How do I change the font style, size, color, etc. in a text box?

Click on the text box > in the left hand window, you can change the font type, size, alignment, color, outline, etc. (if you cannot see this area, click "TEXT" in the popup menu for that text box).







How do I zoom in and out while editing a photo box?

• Zoom in: Select your image > Click PAN/ZOOM in the popup menu
• Zoom out: Select your image > Click TRANSFORM in the popup menu


How do I delete a photo box?9_delete-photo-box_on-page

Click on the photo box you want to delete > If you have an image placed inside, click EMPTY > Click DELETE (trash can icon)


How do I resize my photo box after placing a photo inside?10_resize-photo-box

If you have placed an image into a photo box and try to adjust the photo's height or width and it's not working, try adjusting the image size by clicking and dragging one of the 4 corners. After making it larger, you will be able to adjust the height and/or width down to the size you need it to be.





How do I move a photo around within a photo box?11_move-photo-inside-box

After placing a photo into a photo box, click on the photo > Click PAN/ZOOM > Now you can drag the image around within that photo box.
To zoom back out, click TRANSFORM.






How do I make an image fill the page as a background?12_make-image-background

Drag & drop your photo into the area you want it in > Click BACKGROUND in the popup menu for that photo box
To undo this feature, click MINIMIZE.






How do I add a border around my photos?13_border

In order to add a border to your photo, you must make sure the photo box is not filling the whole page. There must be enough space around the photo box on the page to show the border.